With all preparations, meetings, picture visualisations to final realisation, the duration of the project was around 9 months.

The clients wishes were of constructional nature. It included everything except the floors, so that means all the new furniture, lights, doors, and wall locks. From an old-fashioned dark dental office it became a modern and bright. 

The reception was previously small and round, with lowered wooden elements above the counter, where, due to the low ceiling, the reception itself was further reduced. The new reception is longer and narrower, especially in parts where there is no need for writing space. In this way, we gave the entire reception an elegant look.


 The reception is also friendly to the disabled and children, as the counter cascades down from the high part to the low part. We enriched the long reception with a “broken” form and LED light strips. Above the counter, we added two modern thinner round lamps, making the reception really breathtaking.


There were wishes that the main lighting was strong and interesting at the same time.
Because the clinic has a long hallway, that needed to be illuminated and at the same
time brightened. The purpose of the LED border or ambient light on the wall panels or under the panels is to make the long corridor more interesting and relaxed.



The client’s wish was to make this space something special and unusual. We also learn that his clinic has a tradition of having something really fun, different and funny in it. Based on that, we gave the entrance a ”VIP” appearance and by that we wanted to achieve that Porphylaxis room is more special to those who want to have even prettier teeth. We made another light concept, added a red carpet and red curtains. The gold wall, however, is designed for the doctor to hang fun pictures of his patients. At the end, we added a finishing thread with gold pillars and rope to the entrance.


The waiting room has a broken wall shape. We replaced the large non-functional armchairs with benches, and the benches themselves adapt to the shape of the walls and accompany it, so that in this way we filled all the corners and used them for seats. The benches are lifted off the ground and in this way it gives you a feeling of floating. We made the backrests high because we wanted to show the importance of everyone who will be sitting on this bench. The long back was embellished with oblique seams, the same pattern is repeated on wooden elements and cabinets. In the part of the waiting room where there is no bench, we perfected the space with modern Armchairs from Kauch (Model Qing). We enriched the empty walls with wooden paintings and in this way made sure that all inspection openings on the wall panels were covered. 


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